Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Following Posts Will Be About...

As some of my followers from social networks may have noticed I have been to USA in August 2013. Although I was mainly in vacation in New York, Boston and Chicago with my wife for our 6th wedding anniversary, I have also joined many performances in jazz clubs and visited some very important record stores. Music -especially jazz- is always with me, playing in my mind. Thus, my following post will be basically about my observations about current condition of jazz in USA. Please do not worry, it won't be rediscovery of the new world. More than that I am planning to compare Europe (including my country Turkey) with USA with respect to their approach to jazz, music and musicians. It is obvious that these two different places created very different environments for musicians and the music they make in years because of not only their different origins in creating music but also different life styles they presented to their people. Since I also like to learn and observe cultural characteristics and daily habits of cities and residents in my holidays I had a general opinion and some estimations about the reasons for the differences. I hope I can manage to write as soon as what I have in my mind and share it with you. I think because of it's detailed subject this post will take a lot of time for me to prepare. 

Besides, I also want to write reviews for some new albums that is released by my favourite jazz musicians recently.

Lastly, I would also like to announce that I am working on my personal website that will replace with the blog and become a more tidy page having different subtitles such as album reviews, concert reviews, upcoming performances and new albums...

Let's see whether I will be able to do all of these in September.

Thanks for your patience and interest.