Saturday, 1 November 2014

Please Support Freelance Music Writers

This is my blog. For October, I published 3 posts: a concert review for Leszek Mozdzer and an interview with İbrahim Maalouf (English/Turkish). Blogger statistics tell me that I have written 117 posts including articles, reviews, interviews, pre-views and music travel notes for 2,5 years. Considering that I am writing long, it seems that there is smth like a book out there of more than 500 pages. The same statistics show almost 45000 clicks on the page. However, as most of you know being freelance is not easy and we all need support and promotion. I need this support especially from my musician friends. I can understand that famous jazz pages, newspapers and critics are more important for you but please do not forget that we -freelance bloggers- are producing prints for you when you are looked for online. As far as I have noticed I could take place only in my 4 or 5 musician friends webpage or social network walls. Most of you are already familiar with the fact that I am advising names to festivals in my country and I am inserting more and more musicians into the lists each day. I am doing what I do just to answer what is coming from my heart. I am sure that you all can understand that our hearts need love and respect to keep on talking to us. Thanks for the support.