Sunday, 3 January 2016

Please Be An Official Follower For The Blog

Dear friends and followers,
It's been more than 3 years now since I started to write about music & jazz in my personal blog. Even the frequency decreased a little bit after my little baby, I still follow what's going on physically or online and try to share it with concerned readers. There is no financial reason for me to open this blog - for sure this blog opened a new path for me as a promoter but I still expect no money within these activities. All I want is to write and share what I listen to. Although I have been taken messages all around the world encouraging me to write more, I have never been able to see who is actually reading and following. That's why I opened a facebook page and tried to reach people individually in a dedicated manner. However facebook pages are almost useless without booster thing - which means it is produced for users to use booster and pay money. It seems that I need followers in my blog as well as in Google+. There was a problem to add followers to my blog for about a year but now I solved it. So if you are a reader of my blog and have a Google account please be an official follower from the upper part of left lane in my page.

Sincerely yours

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