Thursday, 27 February 2014

Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman - The New Tradition Concert in Ankara, February 26th, 2014

I got the chance to listen to Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman yesterday in Ankara with their latest duo project "The New Tradition". The good harmony between these talented musicans, Adam's virtuosic dedication to his instrument, Yaron's surprising movements on the piano, the quality of the compositions (such as Letter for E and Riverendings) and some very well arranged classics from Poland (such as Sleep Safe and Warm from Komeda and Seifert's Quo Vadis) were all highlights of the concert. I could also get the album after the performance, three months before its official release date from ACT and listened to it at home. It will certainly be a very important release for ACT with its catchy melodies and energetic structure. Besides, we, as Ankara, were very lucky since Yaron Herman gave a wonderful masterclass before the concert in a university. More than a musical masterclass, this was a totally life-music-humanity-philosophy seminar of him and at the end of it, he presented a very special solo performance of Fragile from Sting. There is a record for the masterclass but it is a "souvenir" to me and will not be published. However you'll see soon two interviews from both musicians in my blog one of which will contain also some questions&answers from masterclass.

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